Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fashion - The real thing

Fashion isn't about who you wear - it's how you wear it.
You can be wearing the shirt you grabbed for 50p at a charity store, no-name short shorts and a handmade necklace, but still look amazing. Coco Chanel might not have designed it herself, but you can still look amazing - without the label.

In fact, if you are looking to go into fashion, wearing vintage, standard label and homemade items is the way to go. It shows you have a sense of style, without somebody having chosen it for you.

But even if you aren't interested in fashion - as a career or as what you wear - it's up to you what you wear. Don't conform to society. Have 'Wear what you will' as your motto. Because your fashion is about you, it's up to you, and it's what you make of it.

Actually, if you take a look at the catwalk, it's about being different, finding something new and exciting to wear. A contest as to which parts of your body you can flaunt, or how much you can hide under a giant gold shawl. What materials you can use (Lady gaga, Hello!) how wearable or unwearable it is. How you can design and realise the impossible.

 Fashion - the real thing - is what you choose.

Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Over-Dress

This evening I went to an event, and on the invite it said 'smart dress please.'
Because of the location I had no idea what I should wear, so I asked around.
'just don't wear jeans.'
'yeah, a pretty dress will be fine.'
'I'm wearing a top and my black skirt.'

WHAT DO I WEAR????????????????????????????

Nobody could tell me a definite answer.
For guys this is easier - jeans and a shirt, or black pants and a shirt. Not too much to go wrong there.

Not owning a nice halfway option, (for a fashion blogger, my wardrobe is pitiful.) I opted for an ARK red dress with off-white polka dots, with nude tights and brown wedge sandles.
Hearts & Bows Burgundy Spot Abigail Dress
my dress (in sleeveless form)
Mistake. I think.

Walked into the auditorium to find that the row in front of me were all wearing Converse. Awkward!

It was then that I learnt my lesson,  and thought of these rules : How to Over-Dress.

  • Own roll up pumps. And take them everywhere. People will care less about the fancy dress if it has been dressed down with  a pair of plain black pumps.
  • Bring a brush. I quickly slipped out the half-up-do that had been adorning my head as i walked in. Hair can take an outfit up a notch - or down.
  • Take make up remover (and cotton wool pads). When your face is OTT, nobody cares what you are wearing, because your face is so fabulous. But when you are just attending a garden party, try removing the heavy eyeliner/blusher/false eyelashes. Bring it back to daytime.
I learnt my lesson - and thought I would share it to the rest of the world! 
Good luck with your over-dressing!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Olympics - Loving the Stella McCartney

Best GB outfits yet, the colours work, so simple, and the disembodied flag is a nice touch - some people don't even realise it's there (E, I'm talking about you!) !

Just wanted to say, I love Stella McCartney's Olympic outfits, in case you didn't know, she designed them, and  I love them, and in case you  haven't seen them yet, a couple pics are attached!

Stella and athletes in her GORGEOUS designs!

Official poster thingy

And so I begin...

Here is where you come to get an update on the latest sales, shoes, and what everybody else is wearing (I know how important that is to you).
Please comment and tell me your thoughts, favourite shoes, and WhatYouWore on that special day.
Fashion is a personal opinion, so make sure that I add yours!


The Creator x


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