Sunday, September 30, 2012

Top - to - Bubble skirt!

This top was given to me by a friend as it
was too big for her, and thus for me, but
being as creative as one is, I decided to make
 something of it!
I cut the sleevey section off, leaving just a circle of fabric
that would fit over my waist.

Along the dotted line, I turned the fabric over
 twice and made a hollow hem, without
sealing off the ends.

I machine stitched the hem.
Taking a piece of elastic that fits around my waist,
I put a hairpin on the end so that I could thread
it through the hem easily.

I tied a knot in the elastic and pulled it tight to my waist.
I could have left it the way it was as an a-line skirt, but I
decided to turn it into a bubble/pumpkin skirt,
or whatever you want to call it.
I did this by sewing a large dart into both sides
of the skirt, or I could have made several smaller darts.

Et Voila, a one-of-a-kind bubble skirt,
handmade and cheap!
Skirt Shifter x

Friday, September 28, 2012

Spot the llama!

My friend J has this amazing back pack. 
It is no ordinary backpack.

It has a llama on it.

I admire the simplicity yet effectiveness of a relatively plain backpack, with a giant yellow badge that has a picture of a llama on it.
You will smile and chuckle at the hilariousness of it.
It is, at the very least, an EPIC bag.

Llama spotter x

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Converse World

Thanks to my sister for letting me steal her feet and helping with the edits!

* All images here are my own and the rights remain with me.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

More hand-made stuff!

More hand-made projects - as promised!

Hand-made project idea #3  Make your self a bag!

This is ideal for phones and purses, or if you make it out of sturdy stuff and HUUUGEEE, it can be used for school/laptop/satchel type bags too!

You need two different pieces of fabric - a lighter one for the bag and a darker one for the flap. also some string or really long strips of fabric would come in handy for the strap, and a sewing machine would be best (hand sewing is soooo painful!)


Grab a sheet of A4 paper (or 8.5 x 11in)
 - this is going to be your base for the pattern.
First, cut two pieces of the darker fabric A4 sized.  

Hem the shorter edge - turn the top over twice...
...And stitch

Do this for both pieces.
Now take your darker piece and cut it A4 sized.
Divide it roughly into thirds, it doesn't have to be exact.
And remove one third.
Do this for both pieces. You could do one, and then just
trace it to cut the second piece, this ensures they are the
 same size.
Stitch them together, right sides together. Only stitch three
sides, leaving the side that will attach to the bag open. 
Turn the flap inside out and fold the open end inwards
by about a cm. Place that end near the top of the back
piece for the main bag, right sides together.
stitch a single line across.
It should look something like this when you fold it up, with
an invisible line of stitching.

Place them right sides together - this is the
patterned side, the side you want to

Stitch together (preferably on a machine).
Make sure that you dont catch the flap in your 
line of stitching. For less of a satchel look,
 you could round off the corners - but make sure 
they are equal!

Turn  inside out,it should look something like this with the
flap still down the back.

Flip the flap over the top, and it should look like this!

Grab some string, ribbon, or other long, bendy thing for the strap.

I would recommend hand sewing both ends into
 the inside of the bag, but if it's really thick and strong you
could use a machine.

It should look something like this, 

Hand-made project idea #4 Twisted paper-chain bracelets

These won't last too long but they're kinda cool.

All you need is some paper, some scissors, and a
stapler (preferably full of staples.)

Cut some strips of paper that are roughly the size
of your finger - about a centimetre wide and 10
centimetres long.

Cut quite a few of these - I ended up using about ten.

Make a loop - like a circle, but keep the ends together
and twist to
e l o n g a t e

Do this with two and have the ends join.

Staple them together
(This can be a leetle finicky...)

Should look something like this.

Thread another strip of paper through one of the loops,
and make a third loop.

And complete it with another loop...

And staple. You get the idea.

After the chain is long enough to fit around your wrist,
make your final loop.
Do this by making loops like before, but make sure
that both loops connect to others.

You have a complete circle!

You can add charms as well to jazz it up a bit - simply
cut out shapes from some coloured card and attach
to a strip of paper which you can then loop
around the bracelet.

Have one charm or add ten - it's up to you!
One groovy paper chain bracelet, handmade and free!

*all images here are my own and the rights remain with me.


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