Monday, July 30, 2012

Name Changer!

Being the experimenter that I am, a name (and style!) change is coming up!

So from now on, my blog is officially

       Style Smashin'

The old website won't work anymore, but the new site is...

Effective from Sunday 5th August 2012.

Check it out!

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>
<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>
Style Smasher x

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Update!

Everybody's going crazy over the London 2012 Olympics - and so am I!
The Olympics are all about sport - but we all know you perform at your best when you look and feel good!
I checked out who designed each country's sportswear - we already know that Stella McCartney designed Team GB's, but did you know that Giorgio Armani designed Italy's? Or that Ralph Lauren designed the USA's?

A quick overview of the outfits...

                                      Cedella Marley, who designed the Jamaican kit, says,

'My father [Bob Marley] is all over this collection, from the
inscriptions sewn into the shirts, to the style of sweatpants
we've designed.' It features Military jackets and tribal-style
leaves on the womens skirts and leggings.

The USA smart parade-wear is typical Ralph Lauren -
the berets, the white trousers, and of course,
the blazers adorned with double-breasted fasteners.

More practical than the American outfits, the Giorgio Armani
body warmers prepare the warm-weather Italians
for the much cooler British summer ahead of them.

Friday, July 20, 2012

SALES - you know you love them!

Just a heads up - Hollister is having a sale!
Actually, many stores are. I spied Zara, H&MHollister, Jones Bootmaker, and loads more places are having huge sales - and I for one intend to take advantage!

In Hollister I bought a stripy duo - blue long sleeves and a shorter sleeved black-and-white, both of which I love already! And a reasonable price tag - both were under £15 in the sale - which is a rare grab in Hollister!
McGrath Beach
short sleeve black-and-white top

Ocean Beach
Blue stripy with long sleeves - it
wears long on the body
Make use of your new-found free time, and hit the high street to grab some bargains, ready for summer!

The sales are here:
H&M - Up to 70% off
Zara - Up to 50% off
Hollister - Up to £20 off most things
Republic - Up to 70% off
John Lewis - CLEARANCE!!
Next - Half Price or Less
New Look - Up to 50% off
Dorothy Perkins - Up to £20 off a lot of items
ARK - Up to 60% off
Boohoo sister - 50% off EVERYTHING!!!
Macy's Juniors - 20-75% off - and they ship to Europe too, so don't miss out!
Debenhams - The Blue Cross Sale 
Forever 21 - Up to 50% off (Birmingham, Oxford street London and Stratford city)
Topshop - Up to 75% off
Abercombie & Fitch - up to 40% online only
Old Navy - Discounts all around! (ships to UK)
Gap - 25% off online (secret code GAPFUN at checkout)
Miss Selfridge - up to £20 off dresses
Banana Republic - 30% off online (secret code BRGIFT at checkout)
Jack Wills - Up to 50%

Click on each brand to go straight to the land of sales!

Go crazy to start your summer with a bang!

SaleSister x

*Disclaimer: I am not responsible for content from external websites or links.
All information is correct at time of writing.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Wear-What-You-Wish Day!

So the other day was wear-what-you-wish day.


P wearing gorgeous gold brogues low cut to the toes
K sporting her Team GB top –thanks again Stella McCartney
The Other K wearing a cutesy tuck-in top with an owl print
D strode in wearing neutral grey vans – which she also said were her ‘If-I-Could-I-Would’ shoes.
G wearing a purple velvet shawl/cardigan – as per usual
A Second E wearing a white lace wide-strap vest (just like her)
W tapping pink sandals with a ruched strap – Birkenstocks I think – to mach her pretty-in-pink toenails
R in a purple hoodie (probably Joules) 
L in a strapless dress that suited her recent Greek vacation

Colours of the day –
  • Yellow
  •  Purple
  •  Blue
  • Green
  • Red

Most commonly worn - 
  • Skinny strap vests
  • Check shirts
  • Short shorts
  • Nude tights (EVERYWHERE)

WhatIWore – 
  • straight black jeans (Zara) 
  • short sleeved check shirt (H&M – I love their stuff!) 
  • double-tounged turquoise Converse
  • an ancient black Peacocks spring coat.

My personal favourite outfit – S wearing the Elmo suit!

StyleSpotter x

If I Could, I Would - SHOES!

Like I said before, for a fashion blogger, my wardrobe is pitiful. Actually, it's pitiful anyway. But that's not the point - I have decided to fix that: virtually.
Over the next few days, I will be adding my must-haves for my new virtual wardrobe, starting at the bottom, with shoes! A girl can never have too many shoes!
These are my must-haves - comment and tell me yours, and I will add them to my list!

I have to say - I LOVE Converse!
But - to only pick a few, I choose these.
There are a lot of funky Converse out there, but you gotta admit - this will brighten your day!
They are so good for your feet - comfortable and supportive - but they are just fantastic everyday shoes!
These xx -hi Converse are simple with a certain sense of style - but don't worry about the laces (there's a zip up the back!)
Vans are equally awesome, nice and easy to wear – and I can’t deny anything purple!

Dune makes some nice shoes – my day-to-day shoes are by dune - but this one is all about standing out from the crowd! 

Toms might not be ├╝ber-practical, but you have to admit – they’re sweet. Not only in style, but in their cause. For every pair you buy, toms donate a pair to someone who needs them.

It’s easy to appreciate the beauty of pointe shoes. But without a long life and with an expensive price tag, the pointe shoe is best saved for indoor special occasions.

So that’s my ‘if I could I would’ for shoes – what’s yours? 
#IfICouldIWould #Shoes

Heel-to-toe x

An update from some followers - thank you for your contributions (You know who you are!).

D says that her If-I-Could-I-Would shoes are her neutral grey Vans - they fit her feet perfectly.
R says that if she could only have one pair of shoes it would be the original black-and-white converse.
K says that if she could have any shoes they would be stilettos with studded leather ballet ribbons -     black, of course.


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