Sunday, July 08, 2012

If I Could, I Would - SHOES!

Like I said before, for a fashion blogger, my wardrobe is pitiful. Actually, it's pitiful anyway. But that's not the point - I have decided to fix that: virtually.
Over the next few days, I will be adding my must-haves for my new virtual wardrobe, starting at the bottom, with shoes! A girl can never have too many shoes!
These are my must-haves - comment and tell me yours, and I will add them to my list!

I have to say - I LOVE Converse!
But - to only pick a few, I choose these.
There are a lot of funky Converse out there, but you gotta admit - this will brighten your day!
They are so good for your feet - comfortable and supportive - but they are just fantastic everyday shoes!
These xx -hi Converse are simple with a certain sense of style - but don't worry about the laces (there's a zip up the back!)
Vans are equally awesome, nice and easy to wear – and I can’t deny anything purple!

Dune makes some nice shoes – my day-to-day shoes are by dune - but this one is all about standing out from the crowd! 

Toms might not be ├╝ber-practical, but you have to admit – they’re sweet. Not only in style, but in their cause. For every pair you buy, toms donate a pair to someone who needs them.

It’s easy to appreciate the beauty of pointe shoes. But without a long life and with an expensive price tag, the pointe shoe is best saved for indoor special occasions.

So that’s my ‘if I could I would’ for shoes – what’s yours? 
#IfICouldIWould #Shoes

Heel-to-toe x

An update from some followers - thank you for your contributions (You know who you are!).

D says that her If-I-Could-I-Would shoes are her neutral grey Vans - they fit her feet perfectly.
R says that if she could only have one pair of shoes it would be the original black-and-white converse.
K says that if she could have any shoes they would be stilettos with studded leather ballet ribbons -     black, of course.

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