Sunday, July 08, 2012

Wear-What-You-Wish Day!

So the other day was wear-what-you-wish day.


P wearing gorgeous gold brogues low cut to the toes
K sporting her Team GB top –thanks again Stella McCartney
The Other K wearing a cutesy tuck-in top with an owl print
D strode in wearing neutral grey vans – which she also said were her ‘If-I-Could-I-Would’ shoes.
G wearing a purple velvet shawl/cardigan – as per usual
A Second E wearing a white lace wide-strap vest (just like her)
W tapping pink sandals with a ruched strap – Birkenstocks I think – to mach her pretty-in-pink toenails
R in a purple hoodie (probably Joules) 
L in a strapless dress that suited her recent Greek vacation

Colours of the day –
  • Yellow
  •  Purple
  •  Blue
  • Green
  • Red

Most commonly worn - 
  • Skinny strap vests
  • Check shirts
  • Short shorts
  • Nude tights (EVERYWHERE)

WhatIWore – 
  • straight black jeans (Zara) 
  • short sleeved check shirt (H&M – I love their stuff!) 
  • double-tounged turquoise Converse
  • an ancient black Peacocks spring coat.

My personal favourite outfit – S wearing the Elmo suit!

StyleSpotter x

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