Saturday, January 26, 2013

I'm a tool: use me!

Consider my blog as a tool: it provides information, ideas and inspiration. But there's a lot more out there, and I want you to get a better grip on this tool.

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Get a better grip on this tool - use it well.
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I think if you take a look at the history book, you might be reminded of the year 2012, and The Clothes Show Live that year. Remember that? Thought you might!
Just to bring back some good ol' memories, I found all these catwalk photos!
These were taken by my good friend Cecilia (or Ceci) and she has kindly let me use them to show you lot! So, if you like them, head on over to her Instagram and follow her for some more excellent photos!

These are from two catwalks: the first is the Diet Coke / Cosmopolitan catwalk (where they handed out free coke!) which was just out in the open, but the main catwalk was the Suzuki Theatre, where we saw the midday show.

 This catwalk was mainly student's designs from various colleges, and I think the models were students also.
I really love the gold dress in the picture above, I think it has excellent body and shape, and of course the colour just pops!
In the photo-brick below I can't decide between the white flowing dress (middle row left end) or the tye-dye maxi (top row left end).
They are both too beautiful!
This block is from the Suzuki theatre, where we saw the main show. It wasn't a standard show, as it was dance-based, and there was almost a plot to it - 'A day in the life of fashion,' which included a photo shoot, a model  award, and an after-party!
Every different kind of clothing was modelled - from under wear and swimsuits to wedding gowns and onesies! I enjoyed every single second, and from the 347 photos I had to sort through, I'm guessing Ceci did too!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

3 ways to dress your snowman

I don't know about you, but where I am it has snowed about 8 inches! This means three things: days off school or work, beautiful trees and snowmen!
I can't blog to you about snow days, but I can show you some beautiful trees:

These are just the trees in my back yard, but they are so beautiful! Especially with these tiny little snow icicles on every branch.

But this is why I am here today: to show you three ways to dress your snowmen.
Snowmen are a vital part of snowy life - it is impossible to not make one. In case you are one of the anti snow personnel who just doesn't build snowmen (gasp!) start off by making a snowball, packed hard. Then roll it around in the snow until you have a head sized lump of snow. Repeat until you have three ( maybe four) size-graduated balls of snow. Stack them on top of one another, largest to smallest, and decorate as instructed below!
 Snowman one: traditional.
You need a pipe and a cap, coal for eyes and a carrot for the nose. Preferably a pipe, but we don't all keep those anymore. A pipe-shaped stuck will do instead. Then you need twigs for arms and a scarf and gloves to keep it warn!I drew on my miniature with felt tips (mainly because we don't keep coal.)

Snowman two: fashionista.
Here you could break out some water colours, painting on a made up face, but you still need twigs for arms and a fashion scarf flowing down the side. Give your snowman a pose suitable for the catwalk (or a bent-twig-hands-on-hips) and voilá:one snowman suitable for the catwalk! Because I drew with felt tip, her face kind of... bled. Oh well!

Snowman three: little kid.
This snowman can be much smaller, with wellies and a kiddie hat, a huge smile and little arms, and maybe a pet to play with!

Enjoy the snow!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Clothes Show: The Goodies!

Every major event hands out some kind of goodie bag, and every major company has some kind of multi buy sale.
At the Clothes Show, it was the make-up companies.
Rimmel was giving out make-up bags for £5 a piece, which a) should have been £10, and b) were worth way more than £10 in the first place!

They came in labelled red foil bags, sealed for assured perfection, and contained an eye shadow palette, a 1000 kisses lip tint, a scandal eyes/scandal eyes show off mascara, and three nail varnishes from various different collections: Rimmel Lycra Pro, Precious Stones, and 60 seconds in the 'chic and cheerful' bag, and Precious stones, Metal Rush and 60 Seconds in the 'Glam Rock' bag.
If you think that each item costs over £5 normally, and the whole bag was £5, the whole thing was an amazing bargain! I found myself unresisting, and bought two!

There would were so many great brands there - I spied Barry M, Model's Own and Cosmopolitan stalls around the place as well, but I headed straight to the Collection 2000 area, where they were handing out goody bags for £5. These were also excellent value - containing two liquid eye liners, a lipstick, nail polish, and two sets of false lases, all contained in a pink-striped candy bag... Which I successfully maimed by the time I got home.

 An Elle magazine package was available for £2!!! So I grabbed one before I even knew what was inside - two Elle magazines, St Tropez gradual tan moisturiser and a Jemma Kidd eye liner. Bargain.

But the best bag? The crown goes to the Select Model Management - available only by invitation and filled with two Tigi hair products and a Tangle Teeser brush.

Finally, after a LOT of waffling on, I come to the end of my section on goodies. There MAY be more to come -but it might take a little while! The next post will be focussed on catwalk - the main event.


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