Wednesday, January 23, 2013

3 ways to dress your snowman

I don't know about you, but where I am it has snowed about 8 inches! This means three things: days off school or work, beautiful trees and snowmen!
I can't blog to you about snow days, but I can show you some beautiful trees:

These are just the trees in my back yard, but they are so beautiful! Especially with these tiny little snow icicles on every branch.

But this is why I am here today: to show you three ways to dress your snowmen.
Snowmen are a vital part of snowy life - it is impossible to not make one. In case you are one of the anti snow personnel who just doesn't build snowmen (gasp!) start off by making a snowball, packed hard. Then roll it around in the snow until you have a head sized lump of snow. Repeat until you have three ( maybe four) size-graduated balls of snow. Stack them on top of one another, largest to smallest, and decorate as instructed below!
 Snowman one: traditional.
You need a pipe and a cap, coal for eyes and a carrot for the nose. Preferably a pipe, but we don't all keep those anymore. A pipe-shaped stuck will do instead. Then you need twigs for arms and a scarf and gloves to keep it warn!I drew on my miniature with felt tips (mainly because we don't keep coal.)

Snowman two: fashionista.
Here you could break out some water colours, painting on a made up face, but you still need twigs for arms and a fashion scarf flowing down the side. Give your snowman a pose suitable for the catwalk (or a bent-twig-hands-on-hips) and voilá:one snowman suitable for the catwalk! Because I drew with felt tip, her face kind of... bled. Oh well!

Snowman three: little kid.
This snowman can be much smaller, with wellies and a kiddie hat, a huge smile and little arms, and maybe a pet to play with!

Enjoy the snow!

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