Friday, August 31, 2012

Did ya' miss me?

I have no idea if any of you noticed but I have been lucky enough to holiday in a fashion-ridden country - ITALY! ...And have therefore been unable to post for a zillion years. *sad face...

So while my next couple posts aren't anything to do with my holiday, after that I shall update you on one of the wonders of the fashion world!

But for now,
Ciao! x

Sunday, August 12, 2012

If-I-Could-I-Would - Fragrance!

Perfume isn't for everybody, and I don't wear it myself, but walking into a store and having a little spritz is fun! It also isn't the cheapest thing on earth, but does tend to last a long time once you buy it -  better for birthdays, I think!

A much shorter list than shoes, but here goes!

Yves Saint Laurent - elle

Something about this scent attracted
me - I don't know what, I'm not a YSL
regular. But it's floral, individual, and
certainly something I would like to
smell more of...
The Perfume Shop -50 ml - £55.50

DKNY - Be Delicious in Apple

There is something about the smell of apples
that I really love - and Donna Karan really
captured it well. (plus, apples make you happy!)
The Perfume Shop - 50 ml - £47.50

Big Pony RL Pink 1.7oz. (50ml) - Big Pony Fragrance - Ralph Lauren UK

Ralph Lauren - The Big Pony
Collection For Women

You might have figured out by now
that I'm a sucker for floral and fruity.
But No.2 seems to have combined that
in an irresistible way!
Ralph Lauren - 50 ml - £35

Zara Girl

So I was playing around with
the perfumes by the checkout
and wasn't expecting much -
but this smells good!
Zara - £4.99

Coach Poppy

I was treated to a sample of this
and found it delightful to sniff at.
One of the best things about a perfume
is its bottle, and this is certainly
a centrepiece for your dresser!
Debenhams - 50 ml - £48

Tell me your favourite scents!

Smell Sweet x

*Disclaimer: All prices are correct at time of writing.

Sunday, August 05, 2012


School's out, sales are on, and everybody is getting ready for summer and the holidays that lie ahead!

So many of you are going away to the beach to catch the rays that britain isnt receiving, some are exerting yourselves on sporting holidays, and many are on staycations - relaxing in your nearest centerparc's and the like.

But what to wear?

How to pack?


Don't worry -I am here to help solve your clothing needs!

For those of you sunning on foreign beaches, bikinis, shorts and mini maxi's are required - the best way to show off your tan lines! But remember to stay safe in the sun, UVA and UVB rays are the highest cause of skin cancer - so suncream and self-tan are another must-have.

Chaps Striped Georgette Tunic
Cover-ups are great for the beach or poolside
Kohls $35 in the sale
I really love the Big Pony Collection,
number 1 & 2 especially.
So fruity and just... Mmm!
£34.50 each
You need a summer fragrance...
That smells summery!
Chance is all floral and spring
Chance, eau tendre, 50ml £49.50 

Topshop Space Print Bikini
£32 for both

Product Image
Prep your skin for a b-e-a-utiful  fake tan
Makebelieve £13.99 (Boots)
Product Image
Your hair suffers in the sun too!
Have healthy hair all summer long
No7 Hair Protect Spritz
£6.50 (Boots)
Product Image
Nobody wants skin cancer, right?
So fake tan and cream up
This stuff is sodium laurel / laureth
 sulphate free,so eczema sufferers 
and those of you with sensitive 
skin can use it too!
(FINALLY, a product we can all use!)
£14.49 (Boots)
Product Image
Dry lips in summer and you have
no idea why? Well, your lips
 burn really easily
 (and peel... ew!)
Protect them all year round
Uvistat £5.49 (Boots)
Hay fever Haters?
A lot of tablets don't work, but straight from
the bee man, a spoonful of local honey
every day will cure you of your hay fever forever...
Sunglasses create summer fun,
and for the more sporty of you out there,
these Team GB sunnies are perfect!
£165 Oakley, Sunglass Hut
Classic Chanel Essentials
Cutesy Colour is key!
£196 Sunglasses Shop
Product Image
Fake tan as opposed to sunbeds
is the way to go, and a gradual moisturiser
means no streaks, no orange body!
St. Tropez £12.39 (Boots)
Fly through summer in colour with
this H&M bikini top for £9.99!
Harper Contrast Trim Sleeveless Skater Dress
Day Dresses serve every girl
well in the summer months -
This one comes in green, navy, pink,
and yellow too.
£10 in the Sale
and get 10% off with the code
GAMES10 at the checkout!

A T-shirt dress - My kind of style!
£29.99 - £39.99 on sale at
Banana Republic EU

Tilly Printed Bandeau Maxi Dress
Maxi Dresses are a summer favourite of
mine - especially in the cool evenings,
and they can be dressed up or
down. This bold print is jungle-funky!
Tilly Printed Bandeau Maxi Dress
(UK Secret Code - GAMES10)
Lisbeth Dahl Pagoda - Ivory
Let's face it - this is Britain and for the
Lovely British summers you are going
to need an umbrella!
This Lisbeth Dahl umbrella also serves
as a parasol - suitable all year round1
Lisbeth Dahl Pagoda - £17.95

*Disclaimer: All prices are correct at time of printing


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