About Me

I am just an ordinary girl who is loving blogging more every minute.

My life currently revolves around my blog and everything in it, I hope to keep improving and growing all the time.

I am inspired by so many things, from little things like the way a tree curls to huge things like magazines and idols.

I love to design my own clothes, some are completely unwearable and destined only for the catwalk, others are just normal outfits, but I love most to design dresses and gowns, especially wedding dresses (I'm a wedding obsessed freak!)
I really hope that fashion blogging will be my way into the fashion world (hint, hint).

I read Teen Vogue (I have it on subscription) and I sometimes use it for ideas for posts.

The idea for starting this blog came from a million different places, but mainly from my grandparents, who are always encouraging me to write, and my math teacher (of all people!), who said that her daughter had a fashion blog and had really made something out of it, and that I should give it a try. Thanks a lot. So here I am!

I am always looking to improve in every way possible, so if you have any tips or pointers, from spelling mistakes and post ideas, to blogs to check out and writing tips, please comment as i would be so grateful.




  1. I love your blog!

    1. Thanks!
      I love it too, I am very over obsessed with it... oops!

  2. Best blog ever!!! please tell me how your blog got so popular!


Please comment, I love to hear your comments, questions and theories! :)


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