Monday, June 03, 2013

MYO Gorgeous Stacking Bracelets

I'm back, I've hit the ground running with these gorgeous bracelets that a certain A has taught me to make! So easy to make, they stack on up your arm and come in a range of colours and patterns - because you're the one choosing the threads!

You need:
7 pieces of thread, yarn or string, roughly a foot long each.
A small square of card (apparently a paper coaster works too).
A pair of scissors.

Firstly, gather your threads together and knot them together at one end.
Now grab your piece of card (or coaster) and cut eight slits around the edge - one at each corner and one at the middle of each side. Next make a small, finger sized hole in the centre with either your scissors or a Biro. put the knot of threads through the hole, so that the knot just peeks through the top. Push one thread through each slit (yes, I realise there is an empty hole!)

Turn the card so that the empty slit is at the top. Count three threads to the right, and take the third thread out of its slit and move it into the empty place. Now twist your card so that the empty slit is at the top again, count three to the right and move that thread towards the empty space. Keep doing this, over and over, every so often pulling the knot from the other side - watch the bracelet appear before your eyes!

A says, 'the thicker the yarn, the faster this process will be, so only choose thin threads if you have endless amounts of patience! Choosing different colours and thickness of thread makes a more interesting bracelet.' 

Making many of these and stacking them, adding beads and bells makes for a unique piece!

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