Sunday, August 12, 2012

If-I-Could-I-Would - Fragrance!

Perfume isn't for everybody, and I don't wear it myself, but walking into a store and having a little spritz is fun! It also isn't the cheapest thing on earth, but does tend to last a long time once you buy it -  better for birthdays, I think!

A much shorter list than shoes, but here goes!

Yves Saint Laurent - elle

Something about this scent attracted
me - I don't know what, I'm not a YSL
regular. But it's floral, individual, and
certainly something I would like to
smell more of...
The Perfume Shop -50 ml - £55.50

DKNY - Be Delicious in Apple

There is something about the smell of apples
that I really love - and Donna Karan really
captured it well. (plus, apples make you happy!)
The Perfume Shop - 50 ml - £47.50

Big Pony RL Pink 1.7oz. (50ml) - Big Pony Fragrance - Ralph Lauren UK

Ralph Lauren - The Big Pony
Collection For Women

You might have figured out by now
that I'm a sucker for floral and fruity.
But No.2 seems to have combined that
in an irresistible way!
Ralph Lauren - 50 ml - £35

Zara Girl

So I was playing around with
the perfumes by the checkout
and wasn't expecting much -
but this smells good!
Zara - £4.99

Coach Poppy

I was treated to a sample of this
and found it delightful to sniff at.
One of the best things about a perfume
is its bottle, and this is certainly
a centrepiece for your dresser!
Debenhams - 50 ml - £48

Tell me your favourite scents!

Smell Sweet x

*Disclaimer: All prices are correct at time of writing.

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  1. I absolutely love DKNY be delicous :)


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