Saturday, January 26, 2013


I think if you take a look at the history book, you might be reminded of the year 2012, and The Clothes Show Live that year. Remember that? Thought you might!
Just to bring back some good ol' memories, I found all these catwalk photos!
These were taken by my good friend Cecilia (or Ceci) and she has kindly let me use them to show you lot! So, if you like them, head on over to her Instagram and follow her for some more excellent photos!

These are from two catwalks: the first is the Diet Coke / Cosmopolitan catwalk (where they handed out free coke!) which was just out in the open, but the main catwalk was the Suzuki Theatre, where we saw the midday show.

 This catwalk was mainly student's designs from various colleges, and I think the models were students also.
I really love the gold dress in the picture above, I think it has excellent body and shape, and of course the colour just pops!
In the photo-brick below I can't decide between the white flowing dress (middle row left end) or the tye-dye maxi (top row left end).
They are both too beautiful!
This block is from the Suzuki theatre, where we saw the main show. It wasn't a standard show, as it was dance-based, and there was almost a plot to it - 'A day in the life of fashion,' which included a photo shoot, a model  award, and an after-party!
Every different kind of clothing was modelled - from under wear and swimsuits to wedding gowns and onesies! I enjoyed every single second, and from the 347 photos I had to sort through, I'm guessing Ceci did too!


  1. Once again brilliant, fun and entertaining. MLG

    1. Thank you !
      I wanted to share the vibrancy of the show with you.


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