Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Update!

Everybody's going crazy over the London 2012 Olympics - and so am I!
The Olympics are all about sport - but we all know you perform at your best when you look and feel good!
I checked out who designed each country's sportswear - we already know that Stella McCartney designed Team GB's, but did you know that Giorgio Armani designed Italy's? Or that Ralph Lauren designed the USA's?

A quick overview of the outfits...

                                      Cedella Marley, who designed the Jamaican kit, says,

'My father [Bob Marley] is all over this collection, from the
inscriptions sewn into the shirts, to the style of sweatpants
we've designed.' It features Military jackets and tribal-style
leaves on the womens skirts and leggings.

The USA smart parade-wear is typical Ralph Lauren -
the berets, the white trousers, and of course,
the blazers adorned with double-breasted fasteners.

More practical than the American outfits, the Giorgio Armani
body warmers prepare the warm-weather Italians
for the much cooler British summer ahead of them.

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