Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blue Sky Bag

The other day my mom made a blind with a really pretty sky blue cotton, so when she was finished I stole the scraps and made a bag! I did this without a pattern (which I am pretty proud of) and by eye.

Here we go:
I decided to make a 3D bag as opposed
to a tote bag, and these are the pattern
pieces I cut out.

Using an ancient electrified Singer machine
(not a machine that sings, it's a sewing machine)
I sewed the main body of my bag together.

That created corners like this...

...That looks like this when turned right side out!

Hemming the top, I was ready to add the
 final piece... The back / flap.

I also created a long shoulder strap,
just by hemming and turning inwards a
long, 2" piece of fabric.

I added decorations (some free badges
 I picked up at the Apple store!)

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