Wednesday, April 17, 2013

£20 makeup challenge

My friend K and I took a trip around boots and I gave her this challenge: buy all the things you use to makeup your face for just £20. And no cheapsies, own brand cheats. Actual makeup that's worth spending the money on.
And she came up with this!
'You don't need a foundation on a daily basis. And you can't get a decent one cheaply, anyway. Eew.
But a concealer is an excellent alternative, and leaves you with a much quicker, more natural look. I choose Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection concealer in fair 1 for £4.19. I've heard lots about this on YouTube, although I haven't tried it myself. But it's on my list!
'Next up is eyes. Shadows?' She heads straight to the Seventeen stand, and takes a look at the starry eyes palettes.
'Buying a trio or quad is cheaper, because you get three eyeshadows but not three prices. I would have said the Rimmel quads are better, but on the cheap they're not ideal. she settles on a Starry Eyes in Starstruck for £4.99.
'Eyeliner and mascara. Umm...' She heads back to the seventeen stall and eyes the offer Boots has on at the moment.
'Ooh, this is useful! Yeah, let's do this!' She's found that any seventeen mascara comes with a free Doll'd Up Three-way eyeliner. Bit of a loophole, but that's what they're there for, right?!
She g
rabs Seventeen's cheapest waterproof mascara, £4.99 and the free eyeliner that goes with it, and takes a second to think.
'Waterproof, always waterproof. It just lasts and wears so much better than the normal stuff,' she comments
'What's next?' I ask.
'Cheeks and lips,' K answers decisively - and does a little twizzle to see which stalls she should head to for her next purchases.
'How much have I got left?'
'mmm... six pounds and thirteen pennies,' I calculate.
'Is that it! Ugh, I should have done lips first. Can't we just, like, cheat and do a £100 budget or something?!' We giggle, but no, we can't have a hundred pound budget because that just isn't how life works.
So she tries the Natural Collection stand again because, 'It's cheap, but it doesn't act cheap.' Well put.
One Blushed Cheeks (Sweet Cheeks, £1.99) and Moisture Shine Lipstick ('I love this stuff - it moisturises your lips as well as adding some colour,' Raspberry, £1.99) we are about to go for the finish line when we stop dead next to the Seventeen stall.
She gasps,'That offer on the mascara and eyeliner is on the more expensive mascara only! It's £5.99! How much out are we?'
I whip out my iPod calc - 1.99+1.99+4.19+4.99+5.99 for the new mascara..... '£19.15!! Haha, we win!
We are still in by eighty-five pence! Nice job!' K and I high-five and walk out triumphantly with our brand new face products, that (just) won't
even cost you £20!


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