Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shopping in Cambridge

Just this last Wednesday I took a day-trip to the beautiful city of Cambridge with a friend, where we spent a day shopping in a new place (which, let's face it, is super-exciting, and turns every happy shopper into a little girl in a sweet shop!). I didn't anticipate blogging about this, so I didn't take to many photos, and the photos I did take include the contents of my breakfast and a dodgy shot of the street. So no snaps for you, sorry.

But I can paint a verbal picture, and Blott is the perfect store to start with. We've all found, at some point, one of those places that just sell the quirkiest things that are such obvious and yet original ideas because you're still left standing there going, 'Why didn't I think of that??'    
Blott, Unit 6, Ground Floor, Grand Arcade, St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge, CB2 3BJ  is a 'stationery store with a twist,' selling everything from pens and pencils to glass wipe-clean boards and fun luggage tags featuring moustaches. Which now that I think about it, I have a photo of!
 I bought two apple-shaped rubber toppers for 75p each and a luggage tag with different moustaches on it for a mere £2. This is a sample section of the biscuit, drink bottle and cutesy critter - shaped rubbers that are available, and man, do you go crazy over them! (Or at least I did, it took me 20 minutes to decide on those two I swear!)

Blott is situated in Cambridge's main mall, or 'Grand Arcade,' that houses most common chains like Hollister,  New Look, Apple and YO! Sushi - where we purchased lunch. Sat hiding in amongst the typical stores are some higher end chains like Ted Baker, Radley and Guess. But you know the best bit? There's a cupcake stall on the top floor. That's right, a cupcake stall.

27-year old Pylones was my second great find of the day, opposite the Grand Arcade on 34 Petty Cury selling equally quirky objects that branched out to more than stationary, jewellery, kitchen utensils and iPhone accessories from a range of designers that group from Paris to bring us foreigners awesome rubber based stuff. My friend bought a turquoise rubber snap-on watch (to replace the one she lost that morning!) and a keyring, both of which I adored. 

My favourite piece of Cambridge wasn't the winding streets but the market. It contains a ton of fruit stalls that sold strawberries that looked so good I almost bought one, but I compromised and ate some fruit on top of a Belgian waffle from a stall where a Frenchman promises they taste just like the waffles in Bruges - and I can testify, they do! Here you can buy beautiful scarves, Cambridge touristy items and University sweaters and t-shirts, for a decent market price, but standard store quality, no rip-offs. Which is always great!

And that was my day! If you ever visit, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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