Saturday, November 10, 2012

Promises Kept

Once upon a time, long long ago, I promised you all some photos (and stories) from a fashion pilgrimage to Italy, namely Amalfi, Capri, and Puglia!
So here we have a promise kept, and some lovely photos from my trip!

Top left: while waiting to catch the venicular from Capri to Anacapri,
I saw some touristy bags , and while I wouldn't necessarily buy one,
they certainly looked good lined up on the hanger like that.
Top right: The miu miu store sign: I went in to the ice cold boutique and
 the assistant looked at me like I wasn't miu miu worthy. Which I'm not.
 So I walked out again, and immediately boiled over. How could they
sell furs in there?!
Mid right: Some unique diamond earrings which caught
my eye (although I'm sure they cost a zillion euros.)
Mid left: The (then) new range of swarovski crystals and gems. It's so hard
to take a photo of shop windows!! And this guy stood in front of the
store for like a million years!
Bottom right: at the very height of Anacapri are some
beautiful gardens, overlooking the too-clear water in the bay below
(with all the rich people in their giant yachts...)
Bottom left: Last but not least, the Gucci sign, and learning my
 lesson form miu miu, I did not enter.

Up top: The Valentino display for their A/W 12 collection,
Down below: The D&G storefront (and although you cant really see
 it, the purple dress on the right is AMAZING!)
Like my dad said: it's like walking through the pages of a Vogue magazine.

Top right: Just the Boss store front
Top left: A beautiful hat display outside of a unique boutique, I would love to own a million hats like that!
Bottom right: In a slightly more touristy store, a bag display
Bottom left: Well, you guess! Their store is actually huge, and I went in and acted like I owned it all,
and even braved picking up a leather purse (a zillion euros... slightly too expensive for my budget!)

Some more artistic photos, on the left, a beautiful (and famous) view, from the Villa Rufalo in Ravello, taken by my dad (thank you), in the middle, an old-style cruise ship that rocked its way into the harbour while eating my breakfast on the terrace of the breakfast place (also beautiful, by the way. Italians just have style.) On the end is just a photo I took while passing somebody's house, these are genuine chillies hung out on the wall to dry, and not for tourists. Sweet, I thought. 

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