Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Winter Chills

I consider my birthday to be the official start of winter - and thus I never end up with any summer clothes for presents. But my friends and parents equipped me with some pretty handy cold weather gear, featuring a lot of chunky knit and faux fur; I love it all!
So as a bit of a birthday brag but also to show you how I kitted my self out for the chilly times ahead, here are my favourite celebratory pieces....

B gave me these earmuffs, they are soft 
and furry against your ears!
The matching soft wool gloves holding a star (which 
happens to be affixed to my (purple!) bedroom wall)
My feet are always sooo cold in the winter, I could wrap them in warm
stuff and still be cold! But I find that a hot water bottle will
 dampen the chills: especially when faux fur covered to mimic
 a teddy that will warm your heart.
A close up of my lovely TU earmuffs and H&M snood
My Nana gave me these wellies (as well as the lovely
not-quite-sheepskin gloves) and you must admit that these are
 the epic-est wellies in wellie land (if that exists).
K saw these and was like - OMG, I want them!
And then I realised - I HAVE CHEETAH PRINT PJ'S TOO!!
I have decided that these are the only items I can wear to future
festivals - you see a girl in these with a tooth brush
 and an oversized coat - you know that's me.
 Stay warm! x

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