Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2013: Resolutions

Normally my resolutions are things like, 'eat more chocolate,' or, 'stop spending money,' but as this is my first New Year with a blog, I would like to dedicate a couple of resolutions to it!

These are resolutions for building content, traffic, and gathering more readers - because I love you guys!

But also, things I intend to do - so please! Call me up on them when I forget. (because we all know I will...)

To improve my social media 'presence':
I currently have Facebook and Twitter (you can follow me over there > )
and I really notice the difference when I post a link: people click on it.
But I love photography too, so Instagram would be a good site to join (I think) and Pinterest seems great generally for sharing.

Take part in IFB:
Independent Fashion Bloggers is a great resource, and actually the reason I am posting this right now (normally my resolutions would be in the New Year), but this is only my first time taking part in an IFB project.
This post is for IFB Project #76 , but I really can't wait to do more!
You will see a lot of these in the New Year!
Blog MORE!
I love to blog, I really do.
I love taking photos, writing and doing stuff I wouldn't normally do.
So next year, I want to blog more; maybe twice or three times a week.
With my readers, and with other bloggers. I would love to do features, link to others blog's, or maybe guest post.
Post etiquette:
I have begun a little early with this one, but I need to sort out the design of each post. I plan to give each post a title picture, and include visuals of some form with every post.
I was also thinking about starting a feature, whether it is item of the month, or a favourite song. Any ideas?
Blog design:
I definitely need to work on the overall look of my blog - maybe even a complete revamp!
It is coming, little by little, but I would love some tips or ideas - feel free to comment below.

Reader involvement:
Maybe I should start a question poll, and post the results each week.
Or a reader's feature, where readers guest post once a month on their favourite item.
I would love some help with this one (as it's all about you) - don't feel afraid to post ideas or comments. I created a whole page for this - You!

These are my resolutions; what are yours?

Thanks to IFB for their project ideas and inspiring me to do this, but also for just being such a great resource!



  1. I agree with everything on your list! On and don't be afraid to do a total revamp of your blog dear, I recently changed from Blogger to Wordpress based platform and it took me days to beautify my blog all over again, but I have to say it's worth it.

    Good luck with everything on your list dear!
    The Dilly Chic

    1. Good advice, I am thinking of a name change and everything!
      How is it over there on planet wordpress? I have been considering a change, Blogger is a bit... limited.

  2. Great ideas <3 good luck with them. I love your blog and am following now on GFC. Suggestions wise you could do like a 'style-smashin saturday' (or sunday) where each week on that day you post things that have inspired you that week. I do a similar thing on my blog that relates to the title and I think it works well because it's original <3

    1. That's an interesting and original idea, I hadn't thought of that.
      I will definitely try it out!
      I love your blog too!


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