Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nails Nails Nails...

I might have gotten a leetle bored in class, and maybe have started doodling, and then designed, coloured and scanned in my doodles.
Or I might not have.

Ok so I did, and I was thinking of many different nail designs (not all that I have the paint for) and realised I actually only have ten fingers and toes. In come the marker pens! This is just a little random post full of ideas and tips!

These designs look really hard to do with just normal nail varnish, but investing in a couple coloured nail pens is definitely a good idea. Just Essentials, Models Own and Rio all do nail pens of various colours, but loads of stores do cheap own brand varnish - just make sure you top it with a decent no-chips coat. Maybelline, Essie and Rimmel all do decent top coats, although they aren't always cheap.
But if you aren't the arty type, don't worry, as companies like Sally Hansen produce nail foils - varnish free designs that peel, stick and file to fit.

Nails are a really easy way to accessorise your look, and can glam up anything. Take care of your nails by cutting and filing them regularly, eating iron-rich foods and using nail balms.

Get Creative!


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