Sunday, December 23, 2012

Vintage from The Clothes Show

With my textiles group I was lucky enough to visit The Clothes Show, which is a huge yearly high street designers event, with catwalk , stalls and freebies .
My trip was on the last day, Tuesday 11th December, which was truly the best day to go as everything was on sale (and you know how I like my sales!)
As so much happened and I don't want to skip a single piece, I have decided to split it across several posts - and this one is dedicated to vintage!

There were MILLIONS of stalls of every kind - beauty, clothes, accessories, vintage, shoes and more!
I bartered hard (okay, so just a bit) and won a couple vintage pieces for my efforts.
But although I couldn't buy everything I saw, I did take photos of them all!

First up, Bottle Green Vintage.
Some beautiful items, all unique and great quality. Also well presented - suitcases, dressers and hanging rails were decked out in vintage. I bought a lovely coffee-and-cream clutch-come-shoulder bag for just £5, when it should have been £10. It caught my eye inside the bargain suitcase! But the best comes when you don't expect it, and with each purchase came a free tote embellished with the Bottle Green logo and a lovely scarf. I received a block-flower patterned scarf, and my friend E a green 70's style bordered scarf that I forgot to photograph. I will ask her to send me a picture and maybe stick it in the next post!
Bottle Green Vintage sell on Asos Marketplace and also pop up around London in various different markets. I really recommend checking out their stuff as the lady who ran the stall was very nice and let me take photos, but also the prices are very decent for excellent quality products!

I have always loved hats (despite owning very few) and lo and behold, a beautiful stall selling beautiful hats appears in front of me! 
Lizzie Lock Millinery creates hats using traditional techniques, and my, are they beautiful! I know little about the price of hats, but these didn't seem to be overly expensive considering they are individually crafted - but still out of my price range. I wanted every single one of them!
Lizzie Lock is also on Asos Marketplace, but based in Brighton. They don't just sell hats but all head-based accessories, like earmuffs, clips and mini-hats. (I'm sure there is a proper name for them, I just don't know what it is!) The ladies who ran this stall were also very nice and let me take photos, and we had a nice little chat about you guys and my blog!

There were just too many fantabulous stalls, stands and shops to take a photo of each, but I did pick up a lot of business cards and a copy of The Vintage Directory, which you can find online or in many vintage shops.

There were definitely too many stalls to explore - the place was HUGE! Every high street brand you could ever think of was there, from Rimmel to Punkyfish, as well as lots of standard market type stores. You could spend as much or as little as you wanted. (If I had it my way, I would have bought it all!)

There were three catwalks - one of which was a Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model catwalk, with the contestants actually there doing many shows throughout the day. The main catwalk was run by Suzuki and inside a theatre filled with seats and heaving with people, but I think I grabbed a pretty good spot (aside from the giant pole.)

I can't wait to post some more, on all of the goodies that were so cheap on the make up stalls, the main catwalk show, and my very own catwalk experience!

I will be posting lots of photos on Facebook and Twitter - so follow me at the side to see them (because they mightn't all make it to these pages - and you wouldn't want to miss out on that!)

I know it was over a week ago, but I am still buzzing and can't wait to share it with you!

Watch this space for more!


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